Indian Wildlife & Safaris

Indian Wildlife & Safaris

From the Western Ghats of South India to the tiger ‘pug marks’ in central India in Bandhavgarh & jungle safari in Jim Corbett National Park in Himalaya, these safari trips in wild India are brimming with history, culture and amazing wildlife.
Most of the Indian states are famous for their respective national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the best well known states for Wildlife tourism in India are Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh with top wildlife destinations e.g. Sariska and Ranthambhore national park, Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, Kanha national park and many others. Over all once you start exploring these exotic wildlife sanctuaries of India you will really find it wonderful, fascinating and amusing.

Whether you’re a budding wildlife photographer, a birding enthusiast or curious about exotic species, a safari in India is an incredible adventure.

We offers you the best value in wildlife tour packages for India and Nepal. Scroll through our list of specially designed wildlife tour packages – we are certain you will find a wildlife tour of your choice here. Our wildlife tours cover almost all of India’s National Parks, from Ranthambhore in the North, to Periyar in the South, from Gir in the west to Kaziranga in the East…….. Here is our selection of premium wildlife travel packages.

On the contrary: the parks featured on our tours are all served by superbly well set up, stylish, eco-friendly lodges offering comfort in some of the wildest terrain on earth.

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